Pinoy Brock is an informational blog that share guides, updates, and events in Pokemon Go, Pokemon UNITE, and other Pokemon contents. 

Pinoy Brock mainly aims to expand the Filipino’s Pokemon Community.

Filipinos are a very hospitable and friendly person.

Brock's Origin

Japanese name: Takeshi
Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto


Brock (Takeshi) is a Gym Leader in Pewter City. He is looking for his younger siblings, he was the eldest. Brock suddenly met Ash. He also met his father who left them long time ago. Brock decided to travel with Ash and his father took responsibility of the Gym in Pewter City. 

The main ambition of Brock is to become a Pokémon Breeder. Brock acts like Ash and May’s father that gives them advice and ideas during Pokémon battles. Brock loves every nurse Joy and he is also a good cook.

Brock began to rethink his goal after the Sinnoh League and decided to became a good Pokémon Doctor