Pokémon Go Spoofing Guides

Any form of cheating app infringes Niantic’s ToS. These apps does not guarantee 100% safe against detection. You have been warned.

Pokémon Go Spoofing Guides 2021

Pokémon Go is a very fun game to play with friends. This is a location-based game where you really have to travel through different places to catch Pokémon, spin pokestops, and battle for raids. However, there are many instances where a trainer cannot go out to play for several reasons. And also, there are disabled people that cannot always go out but want to play and explore the game.  With that, people tend to learn how to “spoof” on their android or iPhone devices.

What is spoofing in Pokémon Go?

Since Pokémon Go is based on the current location of your device, you are required to travel into different places to maximize the gameplay of the game.

In spoofing, you can play Pokémon Go anywhere. It gives you a joystick which allows your trainer to walk in different directions. You can teleport to different locations using location coordinates. There are many different features depending on which spoofing app you are using on either android or iPhone devices.

Why do people spoof in Pokémon Go?

There are several reasons why people tend to spoof. Some people are busy in their life such as academics, work, business, etc. and for that they have no time to go out and play. Some people live on places where there are very few Pokéstop and gyms especially on rural places. And some people are disabled that are not able to walk to play the game. 

Personally, I do not hate spoofers not because I am one  but because I do have friends that are disabled and cannot walk and travel to play the game. 
However, spoofing is against the game rules which may lead your accounts getting banned. So spoof at your own risk. 

If you hate spoofing, I recommend closing this page and proceed to other guides.

What are the risks of spoofing in Pokémon Go?

The improper use of spoofing and unsecured spoofing app can get your accounts banned. Practicing the proper spoofing cooldowns and using the right app will be fine. I will be providing guides on this on this page.

There are 3 strike bans:

1. Red warning (7 days)
You can still log-in your account.

2. 30 days banned
You cannot log-in your account for 30 days.

3. Permanently banned
Your account is permanently disabled.
However, there are players confirmed that after 1-2 years, they were still able to log-in their accounts.

How to Spoof in Pokémon Go using Android Phones?

There are different ways on spoofing in android devices. You can spoof on rooted devices and non-rooted devices. 

Spoofing with Non-Rooted Devices

There are android devices which cannot be rooted so you can only spoof using PGSharp. This application is easy to install and use which is available to all android devices without rooting required. It is compatible to any android version from Android 6 to Android 10.  It has a free and a standard version for only $5 monthly (Up to 2 devices).

Spoofing with Rooted Android Devices

If your android device can be rooted and you do not prefer to use modified Pokemon Go clients, I recommend using Pokemod

Pokemod has free version (Espresso) and paid version (HAL). The paid version costs $7 monthly (Up to 3 devices). 

For complete tutorial, click here.

How to Spoof in Pokémon Go using iPhones?

Same for android devices, there are several spoofing method for iPhones but spoofing on iPhone has more risk of getting banned especially those easily-detected spoofing apps. I recommend using a spoofing app which is called iPogo. iPogo has different methods of installation, but in this guide I will include the easiest method of installing iPogo via Signulous. It costs $20 a year. 


To maximize your spoofing activity, make sure to check on these guides.

1. Spoofing Cooldowns

First important rule when spoofing. You have to understand which activities triggers your cooldown. There’s a specific cooldown time for certain distances. 

2. Grinding Spots

Visit these locations with a lot of Pokestops and Gyms nearby. 

3. Pokemon Hunting Guide

Guides for searching a specific Pokemon, Pokemon Nest, Field Research, Raid Coordinates, 100 IV hunting guide, and Shundo Guide. 

4. WeCatch App

An application used for tracking Pokemons, Pokestops, and Gyms. Use this  application if you do not prefer using Discord servers.

In case you want to join a Facebook Spoofers Community so you can reach other trainers.

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