Pokemon Go General Guides

General Guides in Pokemon Go. This includes in-game guides and other guides which are related to your Pokemon Go experience. 

In-game Guides

  • Fast EXP
  • Fast Catch
  • Eevolution

Other Guides

  • Meltan Box
  • Dual Screen
  • IV Calculator
  • Hatch Eggs without walking
  • Account Security
  • Pokemon Go Lucky Friends and Lucky Trades

Pokemon Go Spoofing Guides

Any form of cheating app infringes Niantic’s ToS. These guides are only for those who want to install a spoofing application on their Android Devices and iPhones.

This guide includes:

  • Spoofing for Android
    – PGSharp for non-rooted devices
    – Pokemod for rooted devices 
  • Spoofing for iOS
    -iPogo via Signulous

Spoofing Guides

Use these guides to maximize your spoofing activities. 

  • Spoofing Cooldowns
  • Hot Grinding Spots
  • Wecatch Application
  • Pokemon Hunting Guide:
    – Pokemon Search
    – Pokemon Nest Search
    – Field Quests Search
    – Live Raid Coordinates
    – 100 IV Coordinates
    – Shundo Guide

Nominating a Pokestop Guide

A simple guide for Pokemon Go players who are interested in becoming a Wayfarer and start nominating a Pokestop.

This guide includes:

  • What is Niantic Wayfarer
  • Who are qualified to become a Wayfarer?
  • Complete Pokestop Nomination Guide
  • Reviewing Nominations
  • Using IITC Mobile to determine the best wayspot location
  • Nominationg Pokestop Remotely using Gallery Cam

Pokemon Go Latest News

Get updated from the Latest News and Events in Pokemon Go.

Game News & Updates

  • Research Breakthroughs
  • Team Go Rocket Special Research
  • 5 Star Raids and Mega Raids
  • Spotlight Hours
  • Community Day
  • Themed Events
  • and more.