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Pokemon Go: How to nominate a Pokestop and Gym

Niantic Wayfarer is created by Niantic where you can nominate Pokestops and review other’s nomination in Pokemon Go. You can access their website at Niantic Wayfarer.

But Niantic wayfarer does not only cover Pokemon Go. In addition, it is also connected to Ingress Prime. The ingress prime also requires the use of the GPS of the mobile device to interact with the game in real-world player location.

Therefore, not only Pokemon Go players can review other Pokemon Go players’ nomination but also the Ingress Players.

To explore more about ingress, visit Ingress Prime

By joining wayfarer, you’ll be a part of the community that can submit and review nominations of an interesting location with different points of interest and provide feedback to other players.

Before getting started, you must know that in Wayfarer, we use the term Wayspot for Portals and the term Wayfinders refers to the wayfarer users.

This guide may not cover everything about wayfarer but it is guaranteed that in this guide , you will be able to understand the basic concepts in the process of nominating and reviewing wayspot submissions. 

At the end if this guide, it is expected that your submitted nominations will improve or accepted.

Who are qualified to become a Wayfarer?

Any Pokemon Go trainers that are level 38 and level 10 for ingress agents are qualified to become one.

Firstly,  log-in to Niantic Wayfarer and you have to take an exam. This is to make sure that you are qualified to submit and review the best quality of each Wayspot or Portal.

The exam contains 10 questions and will give you multiple choices of answer. A photo of the interest, description, and location will be given and you have to answer if it should be accepted as wayspot or not and why.

The results will only show once the test is done. It will not tell you which questions you answered wrong. Once you failed the test, you will be given another chance for the next 30 days before you can take the test again.  You are not able to use Wayfarer ever again if you failed the second test, so make sure you take it seriously.  

Do not worry because the test is not difficult. Make sure you have read the Wayfarer’s Criteria carefully. It is guaranteed that you will pass the test in one take if you understand what it needs for a place or an object to become an eligible Wayspot.

Niantic Wayfarer Criteria
You can start the test by clicking the review tab. It will automatically direct you to training.
Niantic Wayfarer Training

I will not leak you the 10-questions for the test. We do not want for someone to become a wayfarer who do not know the proper guidelines for nominating and reviewing a wayspot. 

Lastly, if you passed the test, you will now be able to review nominations under the review tab.

Review Tab


Niantic Wayfarer Navigation Menu

The navigation menu helps the user navigate and interact quickly. 

There are eight navigation menus namely,

  1. Showcase – It displays the featured wayspots for you to enhance your knowledge on the eligibility of each wayspots under the criteria.

  2. Criteria – You can review the four criteria (eligibility criteria, acceptance criteria, rejection criteria,content guidelines) when evaluating nominations.

    Wayfarer Criteria
  3.  Review – Start reviewing the nominations of other players. It falls under 10 categories. You will vote each category from 1 to 5 stars.
    Wayspot Review

    a. Photo
    Rate from 1 to 5 stars if you think the photo is appropriate and reflects to the title of the nomination.

    b. Title and Description
    The title should not contain an inappropriate text such as symbols. It should reflect to what can be seen on the main photo of the nomination. Description is not required but it is better to describe which is the point of interest.

    c. Supporting Information
    A supporting photo and details to support why the nomination should be a good wayspot.

    d. Check for duplicates
    A map of the nomination’s specific area is shown. In the map, you will see a pinned markers of the existing wayspots. A slider below is provided to check all the exisiting wayspots nearby to determine if there are duplicates.

    Check for Duplicates

    e. Historical or Culturual Significance
    Rate from 1 to 5 stars if the point of interest has a historical or cultural significance.

    Does this have some significant importance to the local area or history?

    f. Visually Unique
    Rate from 1 to 5 stars if the point of interest is unique. There should be nothing something common around the area.
    Is this nomination visually unique for it to be easily found or noticed by players?

    g. Safe Access
    The nomination should have a pedestrian access. The location of the nomination should be safe and accessible by players. The accessibility of the nomination should be supported by the supporting information.

    h. Location Accuracy
    The location of the nomination must be accurate to the pinned location in the map. You can review if the pinned marker is accurate. This usually is required to be reviewed in a StreetView or a Photosphere.

    You can suggest a new location to correct the accuracy.

    i. What is it (Optional)
    You need to pick a category where the nomination is categorized.

    j. Additional Comments (Optional)
    You can give additional comments regarding the nomination. 

  4. Nominations – Your nominations history shown are in this section.

    Nomination Management
  5. Profile- This tab will show your Wayfinder rating.
    Wayfarer Profile

    6. Help

    If you have further questions or need to review something, you can use this Help button. This provides links to some information and FAQs. Just select which kind of information do you need to know.

    Wayfarer Help

    7. Settings

    You can change your Wayfarer settings.

    a. Set your Language
    b. Dark Mode to On or off
    c. Choose if you want to show your codename to be displayed on your Wayspot Submissions
    d. Automatic Scrolling|
    e. Hometown Location and Bonus Location

    Setting a hometown location or bonus location will frequently show wayspot nominations nearby.

    Note: Hometown location can only bet set once and Bonus Location can only be set once a year.

    Wayfarer Settings 

    8. Community

    This will link you to the Wayfarer community forum.

Complete Pokestop Nomination Guide

1. Log in to Pokemon Go
2. Go to settings and find NEW POKESTOP button

New Pokestop

3. Choose the location 

Before choosing the location, you must verify if the Point of Interest you are trying to nominate already exists in other games such as Ingress or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Make sure you pin on the accurate location. If the pinned marker does not match on the exact location of the Point of Interest, wayfarers may reject your submission.

The marker can be pinned not 100% exactly to the Point of Interest, but maintain only up to 20 meters of radius.


If the pinned marker is too close to the nearby existing wayspot, the wayspot will not appear in-game even it was accepted in Wayfarer. 

4. Choose the Pokestop Photo

This will be the main photo of your nomination. It is the same photo that will appear in the photo disc if the wayspot got approved.

Pokestop Photo

Photography skills are not required but taking a good photo of the Point of Interest can increase the chances of your submission getting approved. It will somehow increase the interest of the wayfarer to review your submission carefully.

The Point of Interest should be 80% – 90% of the photo.

Things to avoid

  • Avoid obstructions on the POI such as dangling wires, vehicles and license plates, people, animals, etc.
  • Do not submit blurry pictures
  • Do not submit pictures with the watermarks of your phone unit. 


  • Do not take photos inside a vehicle
  • Do not submit tilted photos

 5. Choose the surrounding photo

The supporting photo and details is also an important part. This will verify if the Point of Interest you are submitting do really exist and if it has an accessible pedestrian access. You cannot nominate stops if it is not accessible to players. Remember, there are also children playing Pokemon Go. The location of the wayspot should be accessible and safe. 

Surrounding Area

If the main photo requires 80%-90% of the frame, the supporting photo must show only 10%-20% of the main Point of Interest. From the photo above, the supporting area shows only a small part of the main Point of Interest and it mainly focuses on its surrounding area. The photo shows that the church exist and it has safe and accessible pedestrian access.

6. Title of the Pokestop

In choosing the title of the Pokestop, you just have to be specific. We are not creating titles for a short story or a novel. You just have to tell what is the Point of Interest you are nominating.

Adding Title and Description

My example is a church. The appropriate title should be Church + the location. Other examples include street markers, water tanks, city hall, basketball court, etc. Adding the location on these types of interest in the title is very important. 

However, there are many Point of Interest that we do not have to include the locations on the title.

7. Description of the Pokestop

The description of the Pokestop basically should describe the Point of Interest you are nominating. It must include the origin, history, or background of this place.

 In my example it is a church. I may not know the exact origin and history of the said church but I can describe what a church is. I simply put “A place for worship”. It just needs to be simple. 

Note: Do not put in the description why this nomination should be accepted. There’s an appropriate section for that

8. Supporting Information

The supporting information intends to put more details to support your nomination. Give some facts and explain here why is wayspot interesting and why should it be accepted. This part also gives you the chance to put some details you cannot put on the Description of the Pokestop. You can verify the location and the accessibility of your nomination.

Important notes for giving supporting information:

  • Give facts
    Everything you put on the information should be true and valid
  • Be polite
  • Do not beg 
    Do not beg for wayfarers to accept your nomination. “Please give 5 stars”. Do not ask the reviewer what should he rate into your nomination
  • Do not include Pokemon Trainers or Pokemon Go community
    Avoid including details like “Please accept this nomination because there are many players here”
  • Avoid saying “There are no other pokestops around here. It will be the first pokestop if it will be accepted”
    Yes, the supporting part is to verify why your nomination should be accepted but this one is not acceptable as supporting information for your nomination.
  • Give Clarifications
    In some nominations, you have to give clarifications to the reviewers to avoid confusion. For example the POI you are nominating is built on year 2020 but the only available street view is on year 2015.
    The reviewers will not see the POI and will give a mark of 1*.

9. Confirm

The last step will show the summary of your submission. Just click confirm and you will receive a notification

Confirm the Submission

Upon clicking confirm, a notification will appear

Confirmation sent to your email address

You will receive an email confirmation like this. 

Confirmation email

Nomination Management

After submitting a nomination, you can check the status of your nomination at the Niantic Wayfarer website under Nominations Tab. 

Here are the different types of status that you might see on your nominations

Your nomination is already processed but is still in queue. The queue may take as long as 1-3 days or more.

Nomination in queue

You can upgrade your nominations. According to Niantic, upgraded nominations means prioritizing the nomination for a more timely analysis. 

You can earn upgrades if you keep reviewing. Contributing 100 agreements will give you 1 upgrade. Upgraded label means your nomination was already upgraded and Upgrade Next means it will be the next to be upgraded. 

Reach 100% for next upgrade

Congratulations, your nomination was accepted. Wayfarer will add an accepted label in your nomination.

Accepted Nomination

You will also receive an email that your Pokestop is eligible to be a wayspot

Wayspot is Eligible

Your nomination was rejected by the reviewers. You will also receive an email that your Pokestop is ineligible. It also tells why your nomination is rejected. 

Wayspot is ineligible

However, this will help you identify how you can improve your current nomination You can resubmit the nomination any time

The nomination you submit was rejected due to duplicate. The wayspot you are trying to nominate was already existing. 

You cancelled or withdrawn your submitted nomination.

StreetView and Photosphere

To verify the accuracy of the location, the pinned location of your nomination will be shown to the available Google StreetView. In this way, reviewers will see if the Point of Interest you are nominating actually exists and if it was pinned to the correct location. 

Street View

If you are trying to cheat on your nomination, it will not work. You are just wasting your time and available nominations . The google street view during review will show the pinned location you set on your nomination.

You can review the street view using Google Satellite or Instant Street View.

However, there are cases wherein The POI you submit may not appear because the Google Satellite is not on the latest year. In this case, you can submit a Photosphere and publish it to Google StreetView. Most of your android phones have this application installed. If not, you can install from the Playstore.

To create Photosphere, you must go to its current location. Here’s a youtube tutorial on How to make a Photo Sphere in the Google Street View app

My nomination is accepted but does not appear in game

Your nomination may not appear due to its proximity to other existing wayspots. The distance from one wayspot to another waypost should not be less than 20 meters.

 I will give an additional tutorial on how to choose the perfect location for your wayspot. 

1. Install Ingress Prime from your Appstore

Download Ingress Prime

2. Create an account and skip the tutorials. You don’t need to play the game, you just need the account because the log-in will be required later.

Ingress Prime

3. Download IITC-CE Mobile on your Appstore

IITC-CE Mobile

4. Open the application and log-in with your Ingress account

IITC Mobile

5. Download this file 

6. Go to IITC Mobile settings

IITC Mobile Settings

7. Go to IITC Plugins

Go to IITC Plugins

8. On the top right corner of your screen, add external Plugins

Add External Plugins
9. Add the file you downloaded earlier in step number 5
Insert File

10. Click OK

Click OK to install external plugin

11. Click on IITC Layer

IITC Plugins: Layer

12. Put check on Pogo Tools

Put a check on Pogo Tools

13. Return to main menu and go to your current location

Tap on your current location

There’s a Reddit Thread for complete guide on S2 cells. But to make a simple and easy guide, I will give you the summary.

The orange line represents the Level 14 cell and green lines represents the level 17 cell.

Level 14 and Level 17 cells

Let’s zoom a little closer.

Zoomed in Preview

The orange circles are the wayspots. You can designate a label each circle by clicking right beside the name. There are 3 labels (Pokestop,Gym,N/A)

As you can see inside a Green cell (S17), there are 1 Pokestop or Gym. There can only be 1 pokestop or Gym inside the green cell.

The orange cell (S14) contains 64 green cells (S17). That means there can be up to maximum of 64 POIs in a single orange cell (S14).

You will see a number in the middle of the cell 

2 POIs more for a new gym

The Gyms are decided inside the orange cell (S14). Since there is already 1 gym inside the orange cell (S14), the number 2 represents that it needs 2 more POIs before there can be a new Gym.

Important notes about number of POIs

Inside a single orange cell (S14):
1 POI = Always 1 Pokestop
2 POI = The first gym inside the orange cell (S14) will appear when the total number of POI became 2.
6 POI = The next gym will appear when it reaches a total number of 6 POIs
20 POI = The third gym will appear when the total number of POI is 20. 

In those POIs, what will be the next gym?

The next gym will be the oldest pokestop in that orange cell (S17).But you can somehow choose what gym will comes next.  There is a gym selection rule in Ingress Prime app wherein the wayspot with highest photo score will be the next gym.

Go to Ingress Prime and select the wayspot then click the photo on the top right.

Your Wayspot on Ingress Prime

Just hit the thumbs up icon to vote for the photo

Ingress Photo Likes

Remember, the wayspot with the highest photoscore will be designated as the next gym. 

Now you already know how to nominate a pokestop and how to choose the perfect location. Here are more additional notes in Pokemon Go wayspots.


Let us try to review few nominations from the wayfarer and give some notes.

1. Good nomination

Good nomination

This is an example of good nomination. The main photo clearly shows the Point of interest and is simply described. As you can see on its supporting information, the photo shows the surrounding areas of the main subject. It is also describes the accessibility of the Soccerfield at Volunteer Park.

It also have a very accurate location base on the Google Map.

Google Map Sattelite View

Hence, this is a good wayspot and will be 100% approved.

2. Inappropriate nomination

Do not submit spam and fake nominations. You will be reported for abuse and can get your wayfarer account permanently banned.

Inappropriate Nomination

3. Bad nominations

The main subject of the nomination cannot be identified from the main photo.
Inappropriate title and description.
Typographical errors
The supporting information doesn’t support the main subject.

Bad Nomination

4. Fake Locations

Some people submit good point of interest, title, description, and supporting information and pin it to the wrong location. Here’s an example that your pinned location will be clearly navigated thru Google Streetview.

This nomination will be rejected for Mismatched Location.

Fake Location

Can I nominate pokestops remotely?

Yes, you can nominate pokestops remotely. You might be thinking how to nominate remotely if you cannot take a picture of the subject.

Instead of using your camera in choosing the main photo, you can select photos from your gallery using GalleryCam.

Download GalleryCam from the Appstore.

Gallery Cam

Now go to Pokemon Go and start nominating a new Pokestop. When it asks you to take a picture, you will have a selection to choose an existing image from your gallery.

Choose existing image

If you have a concern, feedback, or have something to correct about this guide, feel free to contact us

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